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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Abyss

Posted on Happy Minds!

Imagine yourself falling down from a cliff, into a pitch-dark abyss... You just know you are falling, you don’t know whether the ride will ever end! Imagine that you keep falling and falling, and no rock bottom ever seems to appear! Probably, after a while, you’ll start to relax, what else can you do? You may even start thinking that the fact that falling always ends up with crashing, is a myth, simply not true, proven to you by the fact that you keep falling without hitting the ground.
Now imagine that you see others around you falling down too. You can still not see the end of your own fall, but occasionally you do see others breaking every bone in their body while crashing into the soil. Well... you reason... if everybody around me is falling, and all seem to crash in the end, I will most probably crash as well. But still, it seems to take such a long time – how can I be troubled by that? Why not spend my falling time any way I like, eating whatever I like, smoking, drinking and snorting whatever I like, endlessly watch TV, maybe even start annoying and distressing other fallers, by competing with them: watch me stretch my legs while I fall, I can do that much better than you, therefore I should eat, drink and sleep better than you while falling!
Well, and now imagine that all of a sudden, the bottom does appear! While pain and agony start to eat your flesh, you know that now it’s for sure, you will eventually perish and nothing you are and have been will remain. Nothing. Not an inch. Maybe some other falling souls will think of you. For some time. But eventually, your body and everything you have been guarding so anxiously during your fall, will not exist any longer. Just the atoms of your body will remain, as plants, birds, humans, excrement, salt in the sea...
Of course, this story is about life. Life is just like this! You ARE falling in a dark abyss, but you only realize that on an abstract level. Truth is: life can end ANY moment! And it really does not matter how you fall – or live your life. On the level of the senses, it seems there’s only this Universe, and it can support your life and that of others for only some time, in any way you like. It can provide you with relaxation and happiness, or with pain and anger. It’s all up to you. In the end you will die, that’s for sure. Maybe there’s a God, Heaven, Hell, Reincarnation, Ancestors spirits, whatever, nobody really seems to know for sure. You can only believe things are in a certain way. However, consider this:
If there’s a Heaven and a Hell, you’ll end up in endless misery if waste your chances. If there’s reincarnation, you’ll make another being – based on your soul – miserable for countless eons. If there’s just nothing, you have wasted absolutely every change you’ll ever have to feel good, to enjoy life!
We people are like poor beggars, sitting on an enormous treasure-chest, not realizing what life could be if we would just make the effort. We all feel in some way that love, friendship and security are the things we want, the things we need, but we just do not make the effort to realize these in our own lives!
Just become aware of the fact that it is possible to give life your best try ever! Be friendly, and make friends. Be full of love, and feel loved. Be generous, and receive lots of happiness. Give, give, give, and make a good effort to stop craving for a reward! If you feel bad, unable, nervous, anxious, depressed, realize that:
1. these feelings will pass
2. many people have these feelings, feel connected to them, have some compassion for them! You know how bad it feels, so realize in what condition people around you must be!
3. The best way out of misery is to stop creating more misery. Do something positive, there are so many people, animals and objects that desperately need your love and attention! Open your heart!

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