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Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to get the best mobile phone for free!

Posted on Happy Minds!

Is your mobile phone subscription ending soon? And is your provider already sending you great offers on the new Nokia N900, the Samsung Jet and the Apple Iphone?
Here's a great idea to consider.
Take the cheapest subscription you can get. A so called "sim only" solution. Use the phone that you already have that still functions perfectly, or buy a simple model from your favourite brand, spend a 100 Euro or dollar or whatever you think is necessary and whatever you can afford right now.
So now you are spending maybe 10 Euro a month in stead of 30. That means, every month you are saving 20 Euro! So here comes the great part! You can transfer 10 of the 20 Euros you are now saving to your favourite charity cause, like WNF, Foster Parents, or one of the causes you find on this blog. Then still you have 10 Euro a month to buy your father, mother or best friend a nice gift. Plus you do not have to worry about that excessively expensive device getting stolen, broken or not performing in the way you want!
And imagine, that while your life is just as comfortable as it was before, now a kid in Nigeria, Nepal or Peru is wearing shoes and is able to go to school, all because of you! That great feeling, that is reinforced every month, every time you see a little money transferred from your account to that good cause, that cannot come from any phone in the world. Think about it!
And if your friends comment on your phone, saying that you have an outdated model and therefore you are not cool: just explain them how you care more for the planet and helping people in poverty than for another fashion gadget. See how they like that! If you tell it without lecturing them, just being proud of your own actions, then maybe some friends will even follow your example. In that way, you will have the best mobile phone ever, consider it!

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