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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Exercise 12: Developing attention

Posted on Happy Minds!

From: Happiness - Matthieu Ricard

Sit quietly in your meditation posture and focus all
your attention upon a chosen object. It can be an object
in your room, your breath, or your own mind.
Inevitably as you do this, your mind will wander.
Each time it does, gently bring it back to the object of
concentration, like a butterfly that returns again and
again to the flower it feeds on. As you persevere, your
concentration will become more clear and stable. If
you feel sleepy, assume a straighter posture and lift
your gaze slightly upward to revive your awareness.
Conversely, if your mind becomes agitated, relax your
posture, direct your gaze slightly downward, and let
any inner tension dissolve.

Cultivating attention and mindfulness in this way is a
precious tool for all other kinds of meditation.

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