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“Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling.”

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Thursday, November 6, 2008


Posted on Happy Minds!

What is happiness? There are more than 6 billion people on this planet, and countless more animals. All have a unique way of perceiving happiness. Your feeling of happiness is structurally different from the way I perceive it. This is inherent to the fact that our genetics, brain, body and life experiences differ. Therefore, the things that make you feel happy are probably also different from the things that make me feel happy.

So, what is the point of creating this blog? If the factors that make a living being happy are different, and even the feeling of happiness differs structurally between living beings, then this blog can only be of very limited value. Well, yes and no. It is only of as much value as anyone reading it gives to it. If you are very critical of the content, probably you’ll be able to find many things to criticize. But if you are open minded, visiting this blog may help you (a little bit) to discover what happiness means to you. If you have never tasted grapes, how do you know you like or dislike them? In the same way, “tasting” some of the exercises on this blog may help you to find out whether the kind of thinking that exercise represents, suits you.

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